Cycle-rickshaw driver wheels his way to Mumbai for the final

April 2011
Mumbai:  Sheru Khan, a 35-year-old Meerut resident has travelled almost 1,500 km to watch the finals between India and Sri Lanka at Wankhede stadium tomorrow. 

However, more than the distance, it is his mode of transport that has attracted several people. Khan chose the mode of the common man a rickshaw to traverse the distance.

When asked what prompted him to pedal his way to Wankhede, he said that a local politician had challenged him and had promised him a free ticket for the finals.

Always accepting a challenge, Khan started his journey from Meerut on March 16 and made his way to Delhi first and then to Rajasthan and then traveled further west to Ahmedabad and then to the city. 

"I really wanted to see the final match and didn't care which team made it to the finals. But, with India reaching the finals, I am even more excited to watch the match," said Khan.

Explaining further about the distance, he said, "I travelled at 15 kmph every day in the morning and rested during the afternoons on the road.
I don't mind sleeping on the road. That's how I traveled this entire distance."
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